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We develop customized apps and programs to strengthen the customer relationship, win new customers and get customer ratings and feedback for your company.

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Charm check

Are you aware how charming your digital products and system softwares are? Did you think about how your customers, employees and other stakeholders interact with the software applications and how they are feeling about it? We show you your actual state and a whole new set of possibilites!


At an initial get-to-know meeting we want to understand your challenges and ideas. This totally free of charge meeting is essential to understand your needs and think about the ideal solutions for you. Solutions you maybe didn`t even think about yet.


We divide our projects in iterative stages and specific workshops, which are used to work on specific single topics of the project. We can ensure, that everybody involved knows at every time what is going on and we have at every stage an up-to-date result.

Why we are the right
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Because of our long lasting experience in developing and merchandising our own software products, like our customer loyalty system Kubo, we know exactly what the key factors in creating, and designing a software solution are. Most importantly implementing the right usability aspects is often a decider, if the software will be hated, ignored, accepted or even loved by the users.

We love to dive into the ideas and concepts of our customers. With our know-how and experience we enhance these ideas to user-oriented integral software concepts, which we then develop with the right technology for the specific project.

Interesting knowledge from our blog

10 Fakten über unser Kundenbonus-Programm KUBO

10 Fakten über unser Kundenbonus-Programm KUBO

Wer kennt es nicht? Man steht an der Kasse seines Lieblingsgeschäfts und sucht verzweifelt nach der Kunden- oder Stempelkarte. Wenn es nach KUBO geht, gehört das bald der Vergangenheit an. Wie das Kundenbonussystem Unternehmen und

Loyalty Programs – Some facts

Loyalty Programs – Some facts

LOYALTY SYSTEM – According to previous studies, costs to acquire new customers can be up to 25 times higher than selling to existing ones. Additionally your current customers are spending over 60 % more on

10 Fakten über unser Feedback System TeLLers

10 Fakten über unser Feedback System TeLLers

Für Gastronome, Verkäufer und Unternehmer ist Feedback von Kunden unerlässlich, um nachhaltig die Kundenzufriedenheit zu steigern. Mit TeLLers werden alle Online-Bewertungen in einem Dashboard verwaltet und analysiert. Wie das funktioniert und warum auch Ihr Unternehmen

Feedbacksystem – Daten & Fakten

Feedbacksystem – Daten & Fakten

WHY? FEEDBACK – Customer feedback is essential to increase customer satisfaction sustainably, because it guides and informs your decision making and clears the path for your next strategic steps. Constant improvement in your business gives

Want more than just
a software solution?

We offer you a top-class and charming solution, which we create together and regarding the challenges and benefits of your users! So get in touch with us to experience our way: 'Software is so much more, than simple coding'

A team for your ideas />

We are a good mix of young, innovative people, who live and love digitalisation and experienced senior developers, who are experiencing and successfully handling the digital development since decades and reinvent the products and themselves. We are looking forward to new challenges and are prepared to solve them on the technological and the human side. In the end the user must always be the main focus. With our team in the back field, he will be able to shine in the front!