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Customer feedback is essential to increase customer satisfaction sustainably, because it guides and informs your decision making and clears the path for your next strategic steps. Constant improvement in your business gives an unfair advantage among your competitors and knowing how customers view your product or service is invaluable for long-term relationships and trust building. In short, tracking customer insights and put their feedback into practice is not sufficient, but necessary!


TRUST – Getting customers trust your brand, your service or product is a time-consuming process with a considerable amount of effort. But in the end, it always pays off. Customers who truly trust in your business become brand ambassadors and support and believe in what you are doing. With smart technology, many touch points with your customer can be automated to save time and effort in the trust building process without sacrificing the service quality, so you can focus more on your core business.


COMMUNICATE – When you ask a customer directly for feedback, essential information to improve your service or product often gets lost due to situational circumstances or he/she just feels uncomfortable. But if you politely mention that you care about his/her opinion and provide an easy and fun way to give anonymous feedback for your business, it will increase the probability tremendously to get honest responses and to engage the customer more with your brand. Hence: Win-win.


INTEGRATION – The world wide web gives many possibilities to rate places, restaurants, services or products. Imagine as a business, you get easily confused and frustrated to maintain an overview of every review on the rating platforms. Especially, when customers review your product or service, although you have not signed up on the platform. With an intelligent tool, you can easily manage nearly every review on rating platforms regarding your business and respond to (negative) comments quickly.  Giving honest and constructive responses can turn an angered customer to a regular.

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