Secret Spots in Graz and why you have to visit them today

When strolling through the styrian capital Graz, you’ll probably come across some places well-known to all citizens. Those bars, restaurants and shops are great, however, there’re other places to discover. Places that show a different side of Graz: Look Around and discover those extraordinary, charming and hipster secret spots!


Oma’s Teekanne (engl.: Grandma’s tea pot): This lovely little café is everything you’re looking for if you’re in need of a good cup of tea! Oma’s Teekanne is located on the west side of the river Mur with a stunning view on the Uhrturm. There’s nothing better than sitting outside in the sun, sipping a nice cup of roasted almonds tea or coconus tumeric tea (our personal favourites). On the inside, the tacky yet classy decoration looks like you’re in grandma’s living room and the whole atmosphere makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Oma’s Teekanne not only offers great tea and homemade cakes, there’s also workshops every once in a while! You can learn how to write poems, to paint porcelain and how to bookbind - only to name a few of the offers. This café really is the perfect place to lean back and focus on the brightside of life!


Offline Retail: This shop is the wonderful outcome of a charitable organisation working with addicts. In workshops the clients learn how to do carpentry or to sew and in the shop they sell their products. Besides their handmade products, there’s also a wide range of second-hand and vintage clothing which attracts a lot of fashionistas looking for rare pieces. Just like Offline Retail, tag.werk is also a charitable organisation of the Caritas. In tag.werk homeless adolescents work and sell their own products. The shop is well known for its unique bags made out of truck tarps. Both shops are definitely worth a visit!


s’fachl: This shop is one of our secret spots in Graz, but there’s also other locations in Hamburg, Vienna, Salzburg and many more! S’fachl offers regional and handmade products. Everything from homemade jam and flavoured pumpkin seeds to felted bags and knitted scarfs - in this shop you can find everything. What’s special about that? Everyone can sell their products in the shops! You simply rent a shelf and then you can fill it with your products. Due to that concept, there’s an enormous variety in products and the product range changes steadily. In this shop, there’s always something new, something exquisite and extraordinary to find so go and Look Around!


Tausendschön: This lovely shop near the well-known Herrengasse is a paradise for all the decoration lovers out there! Playful, chic and with a lot of love of detail - that’s how you could describe the products of tausendschön. By now, there’s the original tausendschön shop offering decoration, accessories and gifts, but also a store specialised on children furniture and decorations called tausendschön Kindertraum. This shop might rather be the parent’s dream but the children’s - however it’s so beautifully arranged that everyone would love to stroll through it.


Sunsetstar: This shop is for all men and women with high demands, seeking for high-quality clothing with a vintage touch. Pleated skirts, waistcoats and blouses made of natural fibres like linen, cotton or merino whool can be found at sunsetstar. Their mission statement is “to always have an ear to the underground and represent our own roots in combination with the urban trends”. The products are timeless and - though they’re rather pricey - worth buying, as they’ll be with you for a lifetime!


Café Greenhouse: Hidden in a side street of the Herrengasse, Café Greenhouse is located. The shop owners Esmee and Berit created Café Greenhouse with the intention of responsible relish and sustainability. By now it offers a wide range of coffee, fruit juices and vegan food. Their breakfast bowls, salads and cakes look incredible and are worth a snap - definitely instagrammable! Every first Sunday in a month, there’s the Sunday brunch - great recommendation for the weekends!


ReBlock: This secret spot is definitely a special one as it is the perfect place to find a gift for a creative mind. At reblock they sell notebooks. Why would you make a store just to sell notebooks you may ask? Well, those are special books made out of … books! Each notebook is made out of pages from other books, letters or other sheets making each product unique and personal. Every page of a notebook tells a story and you can fill it with even more stories when taking notes! Every page is sorted out by hand and the books get binded by bookbinders in Graz. Check out this unique upcycling product made with love in Graz!


Holy Tiger: Hey guys, anyone looking for a new look? At Holy Tiger barber shop you can get your hair and beard trimmed while enjoying the 1930s and 1950s ambiance. “Customers will have the opportunity to travel back in time to the United States unique barber experience” claims shop owner Jürgen Niederl, one of Austria’s top barbers. There’s also a barber academy where you can learn the craft of a true barber. If you’re planning to get your beard trimmed at Holy Tiger’s, note that you need to book in advance!


Nicole’s Nähkästchen: Nicole is not just a tailor, she also offers sewing classes for everyone interested in making their own clothes. Step by step she explains how to conjure fabric into a unique piece of clothing. There’s also a shop for fabrics and sewing supplies so you can get started with your project immediately!


Glasperlen Studio: This special place truly is a secret spot! In Michaela’s studio you can learn how to manufacture glass pearls for your own jewelry. The workshops address beginners or advanced crafters and take several days each. For those who don’t have that much time, there’s also a shop in the Glasperlen Studio where you can by pearls, jewelry and marbles. Everything’s handmade with a lot of love - check it out and Look Around!

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